I currently teach three courses, either in English (EN) or Portuguese (PT) at both the undergraduate (300) and graduate (600) levels which are offered by the Department of Plant Pathology. The courses are:

FIP 300 Introductory Plant Pathology (Fungi)
2-credit 15h Mar-Jun and Aug-Dec. English

Concepts, importance and symptomatology of plant diseases. Etiology: main plant pathogen groups. Plant disease cycle. Non-infectious diseases. Plant pathogenic fungi and fungal diseases. Plant Disease epidemiology: environmental factors affecting epidemis. Description of epidemic progress. Epidemiology and control. General principles and management practices for plant disease control. Fungicide.

FIP 602 Plant Disease Epidemiology
4-credit 60h Aug-Dec. English

Concepts and definitions of epidemics. Historical developments. Factors affecting plant epidemics. Phytopathometry: concepts and disease intensity variables. Direct and indirect methods for quantification. Severity estimation and standard area diagrams. Inoculum and host quantification. Remote sensing methods. Epidemic classification. Models of plant disease epidemics: simulation and population dynamics. Disease progress curves. Model fitting to disease progress data. Comparative epidemiology. Pathogen dispersal, disease gradients and patterns. Spatial analysis of discrete and continuous data. Yield loss assessment, disease-yield relationships and mechanistic models. Risk assessment and disease forecasting.

FIP 606 Data Analysis and Visualization (PT)
4-credit 60h Mar-Jun. Portuguese.

Experimentation in Plant Pathology: concepts, survey and experimental designs for controlled environment and field. Data collecton and preparation, data visualization, exploratory analysis and summarization in R. Inferential parametric and non-parametric statistical tests applied in plant pathology. Preparation of graphs and reproducible reports using RMarkdown. Data analysis project.
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