Welcome Carolina Bertuzzi, a visiting doctoral student for 2018

Carolina Bertuzzi, a DSc student from Tessman’s lab (Universidade Estadual de Maringá), is joining the Del Ponte lab where she will stay untill completion of the studies to decipher the variability of Fusarium graminearum population causing head blight of wheat and barley in Paraná State.

Welcoming our new summer intern student

During January, we will be hosting Gabriel Ferreira Paiva, an undergaduate major in Agronomy from the Instituto Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul, Nova Adrandina.

Lab defense: dissecting Fusarium incarnatum-equiseti species complex infecting rice in Brazil

The second thesis defense of the year was presented by Caroline Ávila (on the right at the photo), one of the students involved in the Fusarium rice project who focused her work on the diversity of the Fusarium incarnatum-equiseti species complex infecting rice in Brazil.

Fusarium rice project workshop at UFLA

From August 25 and 26 we had our third one-day Fusarium rice project workshop at Lavras, MG. These workshops occur every six months, alternating between UFV and UFLA, and aim at updating and planning research activities, especially targeting planning of activities of the doctoral and MSc research.

Integrating Chemistry, Pharmacy and Plant Pathology

Prior to my move to Viçosa, back in 2012, I began interacting with research groups (leaders) of the Pharmacy (Prof. Fuentefria) and Chemistry (Prof. Schrekker) Departments at UFRGS. I was co-advising a doctoral student (Aicha Ribas) on her study on the search for alternatives to standard chemical fungicides for plant disease control.

First defense in the UFV-Viçosa group

This past week (February 23 2016) we had our first thesis defense in the Lab two years after moving the Lab from UFRGS to UFV. Previously, I had advised eight M.Sc. students when I was a faculty member in southern Brazil.

Welcome to new member - Dr. Lucas Abreu

Dr. Lucas M. Abreu is joining our team as a postdoctoral researcher. Lucas has a unique multidisciplinary academic profile - he holds PhD in Chemistry (UFMG), MSc in Agricultural microbiology (UFLA) and BSc in Agronomy (UFLA).

Emerson M. Del Ponte

Professional interests I am an associate professor of Plant Pathology, with a focus on epidemiology, in the Departmento de Fitopatologia at Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV) since February 2014. My primary responsibilities are teaching, researching and advising graduate students of the Graduate Program in Plant Pathology in the field of plant disease epidemiology and data analysis/modeling. I kept the same responsibilities I had at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul where I worked during eight years and advised more than twenty students (2006-2013) prior to accepting the offer to move to Viçosa.

Former Lab members