Improving the interface of our reproducible research reports

Another publication of the Lab goes fully reproducible with the manuscript full text, raw data and the R codes made available. Since the first reproducible report I made using R Markdown and deployed later last year, I was able to improve the interface of the HTML report which is now multiple-page.

Reproducible report in R Markdown: meta-analysis of relationships in soybean white mold

Data and R codes to reproduce the analysis performed in a manuscript reporting estimates of yield loss and sclerotia production as a function of white mold incidence.

Putting numbers on anticipated losses and inoculum production by soybean white mold epidemics

Research efforts on soybean white mold increased in the last decade in Brazil, especially focusing on disease control methods. However, quantitative summaries of soybean yield and fungal sclerotia (a fungal sexual structure) due to the disease were not available. We used meta-analysis to obtain estimates of yield loss and sclerotia production with data from four-year field trials.

First defense in the UFV-Viçosa group

This past week (February 23 2016) we had our first thesis defense in the Lab two years after moving the Lab from UFRGS to UFV. Previously, I had advised eight M.Sc. students when I was a faculty member in southern Brazil.