Fusarium rice project workshop at UFLA

From August 25 and 26 we had our third one-day Fusarium rice project workshop at Lavras, MG. These workshops occur every six months, alternating between UFV and UFLA, and aim at updating and planning research activities, especially targeting planning of activities of the doctoral and MSc research. This time we had a special visitor and project collaborator Prof. Eliana Badiale Furlong who talked about her strong experience with the detection and quantification mycotoxins in cereals.

We had a very productive meeting and were able to set our strategy for mycotoxin analysis to determine the toxigenic potential of isolates from several Fusarium species complexes and quantification of mycotoxins in rice samples. People attending the workshop (Group photo from left to right): Caroline, Gláucia, Emerson, Larissa, Ludwig, Camila, Lucas, Eliana and Bianca.


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