Lab year in review: 2017

It is that time of year that we look back and realize how much has been accomplished - and a lot went on in 2017! It was the fourth one here at Viçosa and a very busy for a growing Lab.

As expected, the usual things happened: courses were taught, talks presented, students have come and gone, publications have appeared in impacting journals, etc. A few other new exciting things happened such as our relatively strong activity on Twitter and GitHub. Here is our list:

  • The Lab (Emerson and Gláucia) took the lead of the organization of the Tropical Fusarium Workshop - TFW 2017, the 7th edition of a traditional (since 2007) workshop taught by internationally recognized Fusarium researchers

  • Our first high school student, Letícia Gonçalves, joined the lab with a junior research fellowship offered by FAPEMIG

  • Jhonatan Barro came all the way from southern Brazil where he got a major in Agronomy and joined the lab to pursue a Masters degree in Plant Pathology

  • A graduate course in statistics for plant protection was offered to students of the Professional Masters in Phytosanitary Defense

  • Franklin and Maíra (and the lab task force!) conducted our first series of field studies on Gibberella ear and stalk rot of maize and Fusarium head blight of wheat at the UFV experimental station

  • Emerson took over as Chair of the Graduate Program in Plant Pathology at UFV for the 2017-2020 period.

  • Gláucia Moreira was granted a 2-year PNPD postdoctoral fellowship to continue working on a project on mycotoxigenic Fusarium of cereals

  • Emerson organized and signed a Guest Editorial and Franklin Machado led an article for a Special Issue on Fusarium head blight and wheat blast published by Tropical Plant Pathology

  • Caroline Ávila defended her thesis work that dissected the Fusarium incarnatum-equiseti species complex in rice

  • Emerson attended the APS 2017 Annual Meeting held in San Antonio Texas and several small meetings to promote the Brazilian Society’s scientific journal and the Graduate Program in Plant Pathology of UFV

  • João Paulo Ascari and F Henrique Nunes joined the lab as doctoral and master students in our Plant Pathology Program, respectively

  • Several Lab members attended and presented posters at the 50th edition of the “Congresso Brasileiro de Fitopatologia” in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil

  • Emerson was elected the new Editor-in-Chief for Tropical Plant Pathology (2017-2021) during the Brazilian Phytopathological Society member’s meeting

  • A press release on our Fusarium head blight of wheat research in the Lab was featured at the UFV website

  • Emerson was one of the committee members (via online conference) in a dissertation defense by a former Del Ponte Lab student, Larissa B. Gomes, who deciphered the Fusarium chlamydosporum species complex affecting rice in Brazil

  • Two articles (leading and co-authoring) published in the Focus Issue on Epidemiology - Past, Present, and Future Impacts on Understanding Disease Dynamics and Improving Plant Disease Management - published in Phytopathology

<<<<<<< HEAD

- Reproducible research is the norm in the lab! two research compendium with an HTML page interface are available at GitHub for two publications of the lab: white mold of soybean and Fusarium head blight of wheat

  • Reproducible research is the norm in the lab! two research compendium with an HTML page interface are available at GitHub for two publications of the lab: white mold of soybean and Fusarium head blight of wheat >>>>>>> origin/master

  • The Lab joined a cooperative network of wheat field trials that conducts yearly evaluation of fungicides for the control of Fusarium head blight of wheat in Brazil. The Lab is a co-coordinator and prepared the website to facilitate access to the data and results and promote the initiative

  • We hosted Prof. Lisa Vaillancourt (University of Kentucky) during two weeks for discussing Franklin’s PhD project and offering a grad course on Fungal Biology.

  • Emerson offered an 8-hour mini-course on reproducible research using R Markdown for the Department of Plant Pathology and a teaching material is under production

  • Gláucia Moreira led the organization, together with three other PNDP post docs, of the first undergraduate research symposium named Jornada Prof. Chaves de Iniciação Científica where students of the Department of Plant Pathology showcased their findings as oral of poster presentations

  • Emerson visited Bergstrom (cereal disease) Lab and the EVADE (Pethybridge ) Lab in Cornell and gave a talk at the Section of Plant Pathology and Plant-microbe Interaction entitled Meta-approaches for analyzing large-scale data networks to improve plant disease management

  • Emerson gave plenary talk at the 2017 National Fusarium head blight meeting in Milwaukee: Unravelling FHB Epidemics in the Brazilian Subtropics: Lessons Learned and Management Strategies

  • Franlin Machado got the U.S. Visa to travel early January and Join the Vaillancourt Lab at the University of Kentucky (U.K.) - the first UFV Plant Path student who will enroll as graduate student in U.K. and pursue a dual-degree in Plant Pathology. Good luck Franklin!

  • The new modern and responsive Del Ponte Lab website made using blogdown package of R (R Markdown) was launched

It was an exciting and productive year. Looking forward to 2018 being as fun as this one. At least four new students are expected to join the lab during the first four months and some hopefully will go abroad to gain international experience and enhance our collaborative network.


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